scope of work

The Cochrane Neurological Network has a role in ensuring that Cochrane Review Groups are able to carry out reviews in all areas of neurology in which the need for reviews has been identified. The Cochrane Neurological Network is committed to helping neurological Cochrane Review Groups (CRGs) achieve the targets they set for themselves by supporting their working procedures, maximizing productivity by ensuring that efforts are not duplicated, and disseminating information to appropriate groups. The Cochrane Neurological Network is not responsible for producing reviews.

The Cochrane Neurological Network encourages comments and criticism of Cochrane reviews and welcomes suggestions for new review topics from outside entities. This is an important step in ensuring the quality of the work, because the Cochrane Neurological Network actively encourages neurologists and neurosurgeons to implement the results of Cochrane reviews in their practice and encourages those interested in becoming involved with the Cochrane Collaboration to participate in reviews with neurological Cochrane Review Groups. Among other things, these efforts are intended to strengthen the liaison between the Cochrane Collaboration and the neurological community.